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Fox Orders More Kitchen Nightmares, The Chopping Block Getting Trounced

Gordon Ramsay finally gets some good news: Fox has ordered yet another season of Kitchen Nightmares and is expected to announce that Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen will return for another season this summer. reports: "Rather than continuing to parcel out the show one season per year, Fox will take the unprecedented step of airing [...]

Morbid Cat Toys

We're loving the morbid cat toys from Spell Well on Etsy, featuring decapitated animals with their guts hanging out. Beyond the fish, bird, and mouse, there's a robot and even a decapitated Marie Antoinette.

'Heads and Tales' by Heide Hatry at Elga Wimmer Gallery in New York [food art]

Currently on display at the Elga Wimmer PCC gallery in New York City is the exhibition 'Heads and Tales' by German artist Heide Hatry. The exhibition is composed of a series of photographic portraits that document sculptures made out of animal skin and body parts, using untreated pigskin, raw meat for the lips, and fresh [...]

Marlow & Daughters Butcher Shop Video from Cool Hunting

Cool Hunting posted this great video of a visit to Tom Mylan's Marlow & Daughters Butcher Shop in Brooklyn. It's a charming vignette, with Mylan wrangling whole animals, chowing down on some beef sashimi, and sharing his refreshingly no-bullshit philosophy:
Free range, organic, there’s a lot of buzzwords out there that don't really mean anything anymore. [...]

Woody Allen's Short Story 'Tails of Manhattan' from The New Yorker

Woody Allen penned a short story "Tails of Manhattan" for The New Yorker, where two men are reincarnated as lobsters, only to be caught off the coast of Maine and transported to a tank in a posh Upper East Side seafood restaurant:
Moscowitz did not like his new condition at all. Why should a decent citizen [...]

Johnny Iuzzini on Nightline [video]

The effervescent Johnny Iuzzini got the Nightline "Platelist" treatment Friday night (see the text version). He prepares the theatrical yet intriguing "purple corn puff," but otherwise it's a pretty standard piece — he talks about his childhood, the sacrifices he's made for his career, and what's wrong with kids these days. It ends one of [...]

Condé Nast's Food Magazines Approach the Bare Minimum

A visit to the magazine racks is a scary experience these days — everyone is seriously slimming down. Condé Nast's food magazines are part of that trend, so much so that the January issue of Gourmet and the March issue of Bon Appetit each totaled a paltry 108 pages — only six pages above [...]

Kitchen Scene from The Pop-up Book of Sex

Zoomdoggle posted a few pictures (NSFW, naturally) from The Pop-up Book of Sex — who knew a fruit bowl could be so... kinky?
And yes, in case you were wondering, you can buy the book at Amazon.

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