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This Week in Eat me daily: Tacos, Waters, Mac Snack Wrap, Flavor Bible, Fried Squirrel, etc etc

Marilyn Minter, '100 Food Porn #8,' 1990

We compared ten tacquerias in our Great Austin Taco Tasting.
We took a close look at the Alice Waters segment on 60 Minutes, calling it "a missed opportunity."
We were baffled by McDonald's Mac Snack Wrap: A Big Mac Inside a Flour Tortilla.
We reviewed The Flavor Bible by Karen Page and [...]

This Is Why You're Fat Gets Book Deal

Update: The book is out! Read our review of This Is Why You're Fat.
Well, it's official: HarperStudio has acquired the rights to a book based on the blog This Is Why You're Fat. Congratulations are in order for scoring what we hear is a six-figure payday, all by simply setting up a Tumblr blog and [...]

Brass-Plated Coke Can Top Necklace

If you really do have one or too many cans lying around, you should try your luck making and selling these necklaces to your fellow badgeholders. Just released this week in Japan, a brass can top on a ball chain from the brand Phenomenon is selling for 15,540 yen, or $161. Has the implication you [...]

Eating Appalachia: The Pursuit of Fried Squirrel

In this second installment of a four-part series exploring Appalachian cuisine (read part one here), Eat Me Daily’s Kathleen Willcox explores the rapidly evolving culinary scene across Appalachia. With recipes! Today, we're looking for places to get some real, authentic Appalachian grub.
What does a girl need to do to get some fried squirrel and boiled [...]

Organic Brand Ownership

Organic Industry Structure. View larger.
A tipster sent in a link to the website of Philip H. Howard, PhD, Assistant Professor at the Department of Community, Agriculture, Recreation and Resource Studies at Michigan State University who makes information graphics to visualize some issues surrounding food. There's The Food System and Epidemics, Organic Farm Concentration, but the [...]

McDonald's Mac Snack Wrap: A Big Mac Inside a Flour Tortilla

This week McDonald's launched the Mac Snack Wrap in all of the chain's 1,400 outlets in Canada. It's just like the standard Big Mac, but instead all of the ingredients are stuffed inside a warm flour tortilla. It's a test run, and will be available through May 18th. Lucky Canadians! (No, this isn't a user-created [...]

Salmon Bourguignon with Gatorade on 30 Rock [video]

On last night's 30 Rock, it turned out that Tina Fey's neighbor and love interest, Dr. Andrew Baird (John Hamm), is so handsome that he lives in a beauty bubble, where "people do what he wants and tells him what he wants to hear." Jack Donaghy describes the bubble: "Beautiful people are treated differently from... [...]

'Raw Flesh' Photo Series by Clayton Cubit [food art]

We recently came across the "Raw Flesh" photo series by Clayton Cubit, part of a cover feature for a 2008 issue of Zink magazine, that pairs models with raw meat, where it's worn as a fashion accessory or even as a second skin.
Disturbing, creepy, but oddly beautiful — we have a feeling that some [...]

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