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Stubb's Bar-B-Q Limited-Edition Supra Sneakers

This Friday, discerning connoisseurs of both footwear and barbecue will be able to get their hands on Stubb's Skytop SXSW Edition, a limited-edition sneaker issued by the eponymous Austin BBQ to coincide with this week's festivities. The 50 pairs in existence come inside a hand numbered wooden box, alongside an apron and a jar of [...]

The Flavor Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg [review]

"I don't really get it," a friend said to me when I mentioned that I was reviewing Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg's The Flavor Bible: The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity, Based on the Wisdom of America's Most Imaginative Chefs (buy from Amazon). "They already did that book, like a million years ago." She was [...]

Ordering in French from Important Things with Demetri Martin [video]

We here at Eat Me Daily are big fans of Important Things with Demetri Martin, where each episode focuses on a single topic — this time it was "Coolness." In this sketch, a nerd hires Hoodwinkers, an agency that specializes in deception, to help him out on a dinner date.
We loved the phonetic cue cards [...]

Paula Deen Launching Furniture Line

Paula Deen twittered about it back in January, but earlier this week Furniture Today ("Number One In The Furniture Industry, and Growing In Popularity Daily") reported details about the upcoming Paula Deen Home line, to be manufactured by Universal Furniture.
Deen told Furniture Today: "Some of the furniture is shabby chic and has a distressed, casual [...]

Cookie Monster as Bernie Madoff from Jimmy Kimmel Live [video]

Jimmy Kimmel Live used Sesame Street to explain how a Ponzi scheme works, with the Cookie Monster as Bernie Madoff and Ernie as the innocent investor. Says Cookie Monster, "Me make you 40 percent interest."

Get a Job: Features Editor at Food Network Magazine

Food magazines might be in trouble, but here's an open position at Food Network Magazine, and a pretty high-level one at that: Features Editor.
This is a magazine by the Food Network, not some fancy-pants high-level glossy with real journalism — the description even advises against "generic, dated freelance pitches about the farm-to-table movement." No, you'll [...]

Food-Inspired Typefaces by Vetteletters

Yesterday MyFonts, the online purveyor of fonts, started selling the food-based typefaces of Vetteletters, the type foundry by Dutch designer Donald® aka Donald Roos. The above treatment uses the typeface VLNL Sardines, only $35!

VLNL Bint: Donald made this typeface with ten kilos of fresh Bintje potatoes — the most popular potato for french fries [...]

That's Right, Meat Bingo

Photograph by Mike Zortman
You know what's awesome? Meat. You know what else is awesome? Bingo. Logic therefore follows that it would be even more awesome to put the two together, and some brilliant folk in York County, Pennsylvania have done just that.
Once a year, the local Lions' Club hosts Meat Bingo, and "they hand out [...]

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