Restaurant Girl Twimpostor Outed

The man behind the clever and witty but fake @restaurantgirl outs himself: It was Adam Robb, from The Life Vicarious. He first sets up her "bleak" origin story as if she's some sort of comic book hero:

She a functional illiterate who through the freak accident of newspaper syndication received the extraordinary power to cast judgment on chefs like they're supervillains, meting justice by haphazardly throwing stars at those who seek to wreak havoc en masse on the public's digestive systems. (It's a comic strip!)...

And then he pulls back the curtain:

If you have absolutely no idea what we've been doing with ourself these last few weeks or who we're talking about these posts from Eat Me Daily, Eater, Eater again, and TONY's The Feed should sort things out. And as you best believe this is ripe for parody until the Go Glossy is in stores, you can follow the Twitter feed here. Thanks to everyone for their support.

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