Slashfood Fires Opening Salvos Against New York Magazine [blog war]

Blog war! Fight! Fight! Slashfood has decided to take on New York Magazine. In a recent post, Bruce Watson writes about about a random low-budget food-based cable access show Bronx Flavor, starring the very strange pimp-like character, Baron Ambrosius.

But on the way there, he detours into bitch-slap land, taking the standard criticism raised against the Zagat guides — why don't they cover the Bronx more? — and specifically calls out Adam Platt's piece in New York's December '08 feature issue "Where to Eat 2009" for shafting the northern borough:

[It's] basic chauvinism: most Manhattanites are either too frightened or too ignorant to venture past 125th Street. This was recently played out in New York Magazine's "Where to Eat 2009" issue. Although the author, Adam Platt, dedicated an entire section to "Big Fat Italian" restaurants, he focused entirely on upscale Manhattan eateries, completely ignoring the Bronx's impressive (and authentic) Arthur Avenue neighborhood. By comparison, this would be like writing an article on barbecue that ignores Memphis, but obsesses over the McRib.

Them's fighting words, Bruce. Better watch that mouth, or you'll find Platt and his Grub Street posse knocking on your door. Which, um, would actually be awesome.

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