The Big Fat Duck Cookbook to Spin Off Less Big, Way Cheaper Version of Self

Heston Blumenthal's epic The Big Fat Duck Cookbook (buy at Amazon) really lives up to its name. It is, seriously, big. One of the defining characteristics of the book, in fact, is its bigness — massive in size, massive in scope, massive in price. It's a cookbook that is more than a cookbook, it's a commitment.

Screw that, of course, since Heston Blumenthal is apparently now planning to release The Fat Duck Cookbook in October. It's the exact same book, all the content is unchanged and identical to the original, except that there's no "big" in the title, and the big is taken out elsewhere — there's no slipcase, no gilded pages, no satin ribbon. And it's available for just about $35 (plus shipping) from

We can only imagine just how pissed the hell off are the folks who dropped nearly $200 on the original. Had they realized that a non-embiggened Fat Duck Cookbook would be released a few months later, they might have held off and bought five copies of the book instead of one. Or spent the money on groceries and rent. Or whatever.

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