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We recently came across KPCC's Dinner Party Download, a radio show on NPR hosted by a pair of young Marketplace contributors, Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam. This bi-monthly show aims "to help you win this weekend's dinner party," packing music, celebrity interviews, and food news into an easily-digestible fifteen-minute podcast.

Technologically, they're totally on it, offering up a podcast subscription, individual MP3s per show, and PDF "cheat sheet" summaries. They're even on Twitter.

Here are some of the highlights from the show:

  • Episode 13, January 2, 2008: An excellent place to start your Dinner Party Download habit is the January 2 podcast. It features a roundup of the most entertaining, off beat, and just plain weird stories from the previous year. Duck testicles, anyone?
  • Episode 15, January 30, 2009: A seven-year-old pierogi lover talks adorably about her love of dough, cheese, and “garlic. Lots of garlic.”
  • Episode 14, January 16, 2009: The Download team was on top of Los Angeles' Korean taco truck explosion three months before the rest of the world caught on to the madness.

  • Episode 01, July 25, 2008: Giving Nigella Lawson a run for her money, indie folk sisters The Watson Twins are looking to host a Food Network show called “Two Dishes.”
  • Episode 08, October 31, 2008: Sorry, eel lovers: unagi is the veal of the sushi world, according to the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Sushi Sustainability Guide.
  • Episode 03, August 22, 2008: Hosting a bevy of nymphets this weekend? Need a Nabokov-themed cocktail recipe? Try the Lolita Haze, made of fresh muddled plum, lemon, and a young Dutch gin.
  • Episode 10, November 21, 2008 : Patrick Martins of Heritage Foods discusses why his genetically diverse turkeys are “ironically the first meat in history that doesn't taste like chicken."
  • Episode 17, February 27, 2009: Learn about Bamboodles, a Chinese restaurant where the noodles are formed with sticks of bamboo. Because “Nooboo” is just so undignified.

Stephanie Butler

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