The Fifth Third Burger Comes to Reality, All 4889 Calories of It

It's official: the "Fifth Third Burger" has made it to the concession stand of the Fifth Third Ballpark, in Comstock Park, MI, home of the West Michigan Whitecaps, a minor league baseball team. CNBC reports that the hamburger weighs in at, unsurprisingly, 5/3 pounds of meat (1.66 pounds for the mathematically challenged), should serve about four people, and will cost $20.

The ingredients: "nacho cheese, chili, salsa, crunched tortilla chips, tomato and lettuce served on a special eight-inch sesame seed bun." It clocks in at 4889 calories, 299 grams of fat, and 10,887mg of sodium (454% of the daily recommend sodium intake).

Said the team's director of marketing and media relations, "It's something fun that people can understand."

Sadly, the new version is totally different than when it was first introduced at a food fair back in January — that version had sliced Spam, sausage gravy, fried eggs, and a gigantic pickle. [via]

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