'This Is Why You're Fat' Book Proposal Making The Rounds

It was only a matter of time before the creators of This Is Why You're Fat got too big for the internet. Well, now there's a proposal making the rounds for the book version — lit agent Daniel Greenberg is shopping around a straight-up dead tree rerun of the image-heavy blog, which (spoiler alert!) has been authored the whole time by Gawker Media video mastermind Richard Blakeley and his girlfriend, urlesque.com blogger Jessica Amason.

As much as we bemoan the sorry state of book publishing and its overreliance on prefabricated internet content, we think this one actually has a shot of success. This Is Why You're Fat must be one of the fastest-spread URLs of all time (we got nearly 30 emails about it within one hour, one day). Blakeley and Amason are relying on that traffic to translate into sales. From the proposal:

Update: Gawker has video of Blakeley and Amason eating what they preach on CNN.

* On February 1, we came up with idea, bought the domain name, designed the blog and began creating an image archive from the crazy food photos circulating the Web.
* On February 9, we launched the site to the public, opening it for submissions.
* In under 24 hours we reached over 1 million page-views, over 2 million page-views in under 48 hours and over 3 million in under 3 days.
* Within the first two weeks since the site’s launch, This is Why You’re Fat showed the highest traffic of any blog on the Tumblr platform ever.
* In under a month since the site’s launch, we have received over 2,000 submissions, not counting those sent via email.
* In under a month, the site has swelled to almost 4,000 followers on Tumblr

We'll put our hats in the ring for one of the big houses to announce sometime in the next two weeks that they've bought the rights for somewhere in the mid-six-figures. Which means that all those untold millions of Flickr-chronicle calories that users submitted to the site? Will be making Blakely and Amason seriously rich.

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