Woody Allen's Short Story 'Tails of Manhattan' from The New Yorker

Woody Allen penned a short story "Tails of Manhattan" for The New Yorker, where two men are reincarnated as lobsters, only to be caught off the coast of Maine and transported to a tank in a posh Upper East Side seafood restaurant:

Moscowitz did not like his new condition at all. Why should a decent citizen like himself, a dentist, a mensch who deserved to relive life as a soaring eagle or ensconced in the lap of some sexy socialite getting his fur stroked, come back ignominiously as an entrée on a menu? It was his cruel fate to be delicious, to turn up as Today’s Special, along with a baked potato and dessert.

And who should come to dinner but Bernie Madoff, the man who swindled them:

“This is the last straw!” Moscowitz cried, bracing himself for the consummate outrage. “To swindle me out of my life’s savings and then to nosh me in butter sauce! What kind of universe is this?”

They get their revenge.

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