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Vending Machine Camouflage [wtf]

No, not camouflage for your vending machine — camouflage that turns you into a vending machine. Designed by experimental clothing designer Aya Tsukiok, it's supposed to demonstrate the importance of the vending machine in Japanese culture, and comment on security in the urban environment. When it's not being a vending machine, it looks like a [...]

Lost Dharma Cafeteria Logo Tee

We were totally enamored by the Dharma Chef patch on Lost, posting about it twice (see photos from Jorge Garcia's blog and the relevant video from the show), and were happy to see that ABC is selling t-shirts emblazoned with "cafeteria" logo. $24.95!
And if you're the type to that plays Lost drinking games, you can [...]

Toby Young in a Face-Smashing Bicycle Accident

He writes on his blog:
I got knocked off my bike on Tuesday night. Ambulance, hospital, general anaesthetic … the whole nine yards. No nerve damage and brain seems to be functioning okay, but hopes of becoming a male supermodel have now been dashed....
There’s a simple moral to this story: If you’re going to cycle in [...]

Might as Well Be Barefoot and Pregnant: Women at the Beard Awards

The theme of this year's James Beard awards gala is "Women in Food." The gala, it's worth noting, is not the awards ceremony — it's the post-ceremony tasting reception, in which black-tie-clad winners and losers mingle with paying-ticket plebes and starstruck food journalists to fight over bite-sized skewers of foie gras, and cluster around [...]

Food Party Coming to IFC

The bizarre online series Food Party got picked up by the Independent Film Channel, with a premiere slated for June 9th at 11:15 pm. Food Party is this sort of surreal, hipster low-budget Pee-Wee's Playhouse, but we'll just make it easier on ourselves and use their description: "Food Party is a mind-bending, non-reality cooking [...]

Season Finale of The Chopping Block [video]

Here's the season finale of Marco Pierre White's ill-fated show The Chopping Block — can you guess who won? Does anyone even care? Just as difficult to watch as any of the other episodes, something felt particularly off with the finale, as if they hadn't finished editing it — the tone and the pace were [...]

Big Deals: Depression Cooking With Clara Gets a Cookbook

Can't say we didn't see this one coming: Publisher's Marketplace reports that Clara Cannucciari, the 93-year-old great-grandmother whose YouTube videos of Depression-era cookery have swept the food blogs, has signed on with St. Martin's Press to publish Clara's Kitchen: Wisdom, Memories and Recipes from the Great Depression.
The book promises "words of wisdom to buck [...]

America: Beefin' With the Best

Photograph by Becki Fuller (AKA RFullerRD)
This poster was put up as part of the The Public Ad Campaign's "New York Street Advertising Takeover," a guerrilla operation where over 120 illegal billboards were white-washed and covered with art in New York City by a team of volunteers and artists. See more photos here, here, and here.

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