Baker Tweet Service Alerts You to What's Fresh from the Bakery

Twitter may finally have some actual use: Baker Tweet is a new online service which allows London bakeries to tweet when their bread and pastries are fresh from the oven. Poke London, a digital media company, set up various London bakeries with custom-built receivers that automate and simplify the process, since "bakeries don't want laptops or phones lying around in the kitchen."

As a service, it's not only a boon to customers, but also an easy way for bakeries to offer menu items at their absolute peak. Who wouldn't want a warm, freshly-baked pain au chocolate?

Unlike the oft-cited "media-elite" who are mocked for their self-indulgent one-liners, Baker Tweet is capitalizing on the real-time, short format that Twitter provides, in much the same way houseplant watering system Botanicalls reminds forgetful plant owners when their crop is thirsty, or @towerbridge announces the daily movements of the London Bridge.

While we know that Twitter is a popular tool for locating your favorite food cart, we'd love to see more food businesses following this format: restaurants tweeting daily specials and events, or vendors at farmers' markets announcing which trendy vegetables have become available.

Check out Baker Tweet in action for Albion, a London-based bakery, over at @albionsoven. [via]

Video: Baker Tweet in Action

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