Big, Big, Big Deals: Gary Vaynerchuck's Seven-Figure Contract with HarperStudio

Gary Vaynerchuck, the internet oenophile who we are more familiar with for his billboard on the highway to Newark Airport than his actual wine skills, has landed a seven-figure, seven-book contract with HarperStudio, the experimental new imprint of HarperCollins that's intended to find a sustainable publishing model that "doesn't rely on paying authors outsize advances or allowing retailers to return unsold stock." (Keep in mind that this million-dollar advance is for seven books, putting Vaynerchuck's advance payout at a healthy but not staggering low six figures per title.)

Vaynerchuck's books for the imprint will be more a reflection of his virtual motivational speaking than of his wine knowledge, (the first will be called Crush It! Turn Your Passion into Profits in a Digital World), but it's the daily wine-related videoblog that hurtled him to his current 164,000+ Twitter followers — a writhing mass about whom HarperStudio is hoping will run out to buy Vaynerchuck's book in droves. Read more at Techcrunch.

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