Collectible Space Cookies from 1985

Wired has a slideshow of items from the Space memorabilia auction at the Regency Superior Auction in Los Angeles running from April 16th-19th. Of interest are these amaranth cookies from 1985 that have actually been in space, aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis with Astronaut Rodolfo Neri, from November 26 to December 3, 1985.

The lot description reads:

This delightful and intriguing lot features two flown packages with eight amaranth cookies in total. The cookies are accompanied by a copy of a handwritten note by Astronaut Rodolfo Neri that reads: "The amaranth cookies were made only once, especially made for the Mexican astronaut. For the 61-B 1985 STS Flight, as one of the experiments consisted of germinating amaranth seeds for the first time in history."

Opening bid is $95! If you prefer heartier fare, there's also the Black bread from the early Soyuz Program, circa 1985.

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