Dalia Jurgensen's Spiced Coming to TV?

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It's barely been on bookstore shelves a week, but already New York chef Dalia Jurgensen's culinary coming of age story Spiced is being shopped around as a potential movie or TV series. Think Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential, but it's about a hot tattooed lady — a behind-the-scenes tell-all about an ambitious young pastry chef's chocolate- and profanity-laced climb up the ladder. Sexism! Long hours! Romantic intrigue! Comfortable footwear!

The hook here — and what could make this project more successful than, say, the screenwriting abortion that was the Kitchen Confidential TV show — is the book's love story: Jurgensen fell for her executive chef, and the pair attempted to open a restaurant together without utterly destroying their relationship. To find out whether the lovebirds triumphed against prevailing odds (and whether Jurgensen's same-sex affair with a waitress makes it into the final cut), you'll just have to wait for the story to sell. Or, you know, you could buy the book.

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