Deep Fried Not Bombs in San Francisco [vegans]

Tomorrow, the group San Francisco Food Not Bombs is holding a "Deep Fried Not Bombs event, where they provide the oil, an "enormous" deep-fryer, and the batter — while you bring the food.

The catch: in an attempt to be all-inclusive, and to suck the fun out of the event, all the food you bring has to be vegan lest you taint the oil — meaning no Twinkies, Mars bars, leftover Easter Peeps, Oreos, mac n cheese, etc. Guess it's gonna be onion rings and broccoli for everyone. April 15th, UN Plaza, 5:30PM!

Update: We were wrong (gasp). Oreos are, in fact, vegan. For more vegan snacks that can be deep-fried, check out PETA's I Can't Believe It's Vegan snacks page.

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