Food-Inspired Tattoos by Nick Baxter

meatcase/briefsteak by Nick Baxter. Photos reprinted with permission.

Originally fascinated by the meatcase/briefcase tattoo pictured above, I thought that’s where the post would end. But no, a scan through all the 250 tattoos on Nick Baxter's website revealed so much more.

Behold, a rotting meat orchid "ripe with decay," a tattoo called Rebirth complete with a sockeye salmon and an up close pomegranate shot. Not to mention, a dedicated garlic flower, a nod to some vegan dude's sweet tooth and finally Mr. Kool Aid bursting through epidermis.

The work blurs the line between food and morbidity with flesh tearing backgrounds and rotting meat depictions, all with a touch of sentimental value. So, even though inside out tattoos are nothing new, combining them with your favorite childhood soft drink character definitely seems to be.

Meat Orchid/Ripe With Decay by Nick Baxter.

Rebirth by Nick Baxter.

Garlic Flower by Nick Baxter.

XdessertcoreX by Nick Baxter.

Did Dat Shit Hurded?? by Nick Baxter.

Michelle Mettler

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