Food Network's 5 Ingredient Fix With Claire Robinson [video]

To little fanfare, Food Network rolled out a new cooking show Saturday morning: 5 Ingredient Fix, featuring with a new face: Claire Robinson, a sort of taller, younger Rachael Ray. (Dig that buffalo-check plaid, studded belt, and pearls — she's hip, get it?)

The concept of the show: each recipe uses five ingredients or less, not including salt or pepper, but including oil. While she prepares three different recipes, she keeps a running tally of how many ingredients she's using — but after a while, we couldn't keep up and were totally confused. We can't do math at 9:30 AM Saturday mornings. While her food looked pretty good, she's a little awkward and messy, and leaves out some key instructions. It's the standard format: stand and stir and tell fun, personal stories. Blah blah blah.

So how much is the Food Network investing in making her a new star? How many more 30 minute meals can Rachael Ray make? What color flannel will Robinson wear next? Time can only tell.

Video: 5 Ingredient Fix

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