Gordon Ramsay's Namesake Cookware

We were sort of taken aback in last week's Hell's Kitchen when Gordon Ramsay gave the remaining contestants a present of a set of his own "signature" pans by Royal Doulton. It was a shameless promotional bit, with the contestants feigning delight at their gift. But apparently they actually use the pans in the kitchens of Hell's Kitchen, so it's not like the completely out-of-context earth-raping Glad Bags from that other show.

Curious, we poked around Amazon and found this great review of one of the sets, titled I am become Donkey, Destroyer of filets:

... With Gordon Ramsey's line of cookware, I feel like Gordon is over my shoulder telling me it's RAW! Sometimes I throw a slice of Wellington at the wall for effect. I swear, every time I flip a burnt piece of salmon I can feel his disdain and disappointment in the handle.

There's no more questioning whether or not my mother's risotto recipe is absolutely crap, when it comes out of these pots I can serve dinner knowing full well that I am culinary Pol Pot, and I should have my chef's knives broken in two.

The pans look alright to us (check em out at Amazon) — they're tri-ply — but the handles seem a little bulbous and impractical. In any event, they certainly look better than Rachael Ray's horrible pans.

Video: Gordon Ramsay Bestows His Pans

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