NBC Running Unaired The Chopping Block Episodes Online

NBC might have stopped airing The Chopping Block, but it looks like they're going to run the episodes online — last week's unaired episode is on Hulu and also on NBC's website. We watched most of the episode, and it's pretty uneventful, ie, just as bad as previous episodes.

Highlights of the episode include Marco Pierre White's critique of one of the team's cornish chickens: "The breast was like eating guinea pig, it squeaks every time you chew it," and diners getting pizza because they waited too long to get their dinner.

The guest critic was Katy McLaughlin, special writer for The Wall Street Journal, winner of a Beard award last year in the "Newspaper Feature Writing with Recipes" category for her piece "A New Taste Sensation," and nominated again this year in the "Newspaper Feature Writing About Restaurants And/Or Chefs" category for her piece "Sushi Bullies."

Oh, and look, she even twittered about being on the show last week and nobody noticed: "Watching the 4th episode--on which I appear--of the Chopping Block on NBC's Web site. Alas, the show was canceled before it aired on TV!"

We're curious: What other food critics and writers that were slated to appear are miffed because they don't get to be on TV?

Video: The Chopping Block: Episode 4

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