'Offal Taste' Photo Series by Stephanie Diani [food art]

"Meat as fashion must be in the collective unconscious," wrote Stephanie Diani, Los Angeles-based photographer, when she let us know about her "Offal Taste" photo series from 2007. As a personal project, Diani designed and constructed all the "clothes" herself, and, by adopting a more "conventional" portrait style, the photographs belie the more controversial accessories sported by the models.

The artist, in her own words:

I wanted to explore the connection between meat and skin, fashion and distaste. Fashion is nothing more than donning an exterior skin; what would happen if organ tissue is used as that second skin? I wanted to explore the idea within the framework of a portrait in order to formalize the relationship with my subjects as the images were being made. I also wanted the contrast between the formality of the images and the–for lack of a better word–‘rawness’ of the subject matter to startle the viewer and make them look twice.

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