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'The Organization Of Batter' by Martha Friedman at the Wallspace Gallery [food art]

Currently on display at the Wallspace Gallery in New York City is the exhibition "The Organization Of Batter" by Martha Friedman. Her work often employs common objects such as food (pasta, eggs, cantaloupes, etc), and here the focus is waffles, built out of marble, paper, and rubber. Related is the giant seven-foot Waffle on view [...]

Heroes in a Half Shell: Sex, Death & Oysters by Robb Walsh [book review]

It's tempting to try to put Robb Walsh's Sex, Death & Oysters (buy on Amazon) in the same category as other single-topic culinary books, like Anne Mendelson's Milk, or Jennifer McLagan's Fat. There are certainly similarities: a history of the ingredient and its cultivation, a smattering of recipes both traditional and innovative, and a generally [...]

Retro Pepsi Throwback Commercial [video]

Last night we caught the astounding new commercial for Pepsi Throwback, their new soda made with real sugar and not that HFCS everyone's irrationally hating on these days.
The commercial is an exuberant mix of 60s and 70s psychedelia and disco, vintage movie trailers, and television bumpers — oddly, or perhaps fittingly, it seems to be [...]

Gordon Ramsay's Namesake Cookware

We were sort of taken aback in last week's Hell's Kitchen when Gordon Ramsay gave the remaining contestants a present of a set of his own "signature" pans by Royal Doulton. It was a shameless promotional bit, with the contestants feigning delight at their gift. But apparently they actually use the pans in the kitchens [...]

The Pork Issue of Meatpaper: ADHD Edition

The latest issue of Meatpaper hit the shelves recently, and we're smitten. If you don’t yet know the magazine, you should: it’s a print job run out of San Francisco that's "more about metaphors than recipes," with a mission to focus on the socio-cultural importance of food and eating habits. This quarter's edition, #7, is [...]

British Conservationists Use Nazi Science to Resurrect Auroch Breed

Photograph from Animal Picture Archive
No joke: British conservationists have imported Heck cattle, a direct descendant of the long-extinct Auroch, to Devon in an effort to reintroduce the breed to the British country side.
According to Anne Mendelson's Milk: The Surprising Story of Milk Through the Ages (which we reviewed here), Aurochs played a key part in [...]

Questionably Appropriate Ad for Super Meat Boy

Developers of the indie WiiWare game Super Meat Boy ran a pretty controversial ad in which vegetarians were compared to Hitler — the image was spread to a few gaming blogs (here, here, and here) and was then promptly edited out on the game developer's blog. Whether it's a case of shrewd marketing, reckless kids, [...]

Ruth Reichl Laughs as Rome Condé Nast Burns

Here's a funny yet bizarre video of Gourmet editor-in-chief Ruth Reichl, famous in her day for reviewing restaurants in disguise, that imagines her returning to her critical roots with disguises of the likes of Amy Winehouse, Mickey Rourke, and Gene Simmons.
A little context, please: In the past year, Condé Nast has gone through rounds and [...]

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