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Quote of the Day

Does Bittman also complain when watching HGTV's slew of home renovation programs? It would have taken LONGER to tile that backsplash, I imagine him yelling at the TV screen.
Food Network Addict, in response to Mark Bittman's senseless piece, "TV Cooking vs. Real Cooking."

The Food Guy from How I Met Your Mother [video]

On last night's How I Met Your Mother, Barney gave Marshall some advice on how to keep from getting laid off: "You just need a way to make yourself absolutely essential... You need a thing. Something that makes you fun and well-liked."
They go through the different characters that they have at their office, including Toy [...]

Burger King's Texican Whopper Commercial Offends! [video]

Burger King's commercial in Spain for the Texican Whopper, featuring a tall American cowboy and a tiny Mexican luchador, "El Cachito," wearing a cape with the colors of the Mexican flag has set off an international incident. The AP reports: "Mexico's ambassador to Spain said Monday he has written a letter to Burger King's offices [...]

Deep Fried Not Bombs in San Francisco [vegans]

Tomorrow, the group San Francisco Food Not Bombs is holding a "Deep Fried Not Bombs event, where they provide the oil, an "enormous" deep-fryer, and the batter — while you bring the food.
The catch: in an attempt to be all-inclusive, and to suck the fun out of the event, all the food you bring has [...]

30 Rock Food Art Identified!

Photograph from

Last week we asked our readers for help in identifying the photograph that was hanging on Liz Lemon's wall in 30 Rock.
Thanks to a tipster, we learned that the piece is a photograph by Tarquin Cardona titled "Half Eaten Lunch." Even better: it's available for purchase for $600.

Wolfgang Puck Reads from Romance Novel [video]

Last night's Nightline had a segment on the recent surge in sales of romance novels. As a gag, they had different celebrities read short passages from some of the novels, including Wolfgang Puck.
Sorta cute, Puck with his Austrian accent, reading out loud, "He kissed her with a soft sensuality and stirred every nerve in her [...]

Collectible Space Cookies from 1985

Wired has a

Padma Lakshmi Gets Naked for Allure Magazine

Dear Internet, Padma got naked in Allure. Love, EMD.

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