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Happy Easter from Eat Me Daily

Happy Easter! Here's a relevant post from a couple of weeks ago: Melting Chocolate Easter Bunnies by Momoyo Torimitsu.

This Week in Eat Me Daily: Offal, Wife Swap, IACP, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Beef, etc etc

"We Can Has A.L.F.?" Casey Weldon, acrylic on wood. From the Idiot Box show at Gallery Nineteen Eighty Eight in Los Angeles

We were down on the IACP cookbook awards, writing about how "the organization picked the wrong winners, and why that bodes poorly for the future of book publishing."
We started a new regular feature: Offal [...]

Food Art on 30 Rock

On last night's 30 Rock, we got a close look at the inside of Liz Lemon's office — hanging on her wall is either a photograph or a painting of what appears to be fish and chips. Anyone recognize it? Let us know.
Also WTF, ketchup on fish and chips fries? That's the real story.
Update: The [...]

17th Century Cookbook Scans from the Wellcome Library in London

The Wellcome Library in London announced that they've digitized and uploaded PDFs of its entire collection of 17th century cookbooks, aka "receipt (recipe) books." A quick glance at a few cookbooks reveals lovely hand-written (and somewhat difficult to read) recipes, with olde english spellings and, as expected, obscure names for ingredients and difficult to parse [...]

Offal of the Week: Tripe

Photo by Ryan Adams
Eat Me Daily is pleased to announce our new regular feature: Offal of the Week. Each Friday, Ryan Adams (author of Nose to Tail at Home, perhaps the best, most accessible offal cookery blog out there) will be highlighting a different part of the animal that you've always wanted to cook, but [...]

Mark Bittman, 'Locavore,' Cooks Endangered Fish

Mark Bittman, author of The Minimalist column of the New York Times, recently posted a seemingly innocuous recipe for "Red Snapper with Citrus Salsa." Problem is, red snapper is one of the most over-harvested and thus endangered fish in the world. Tom Philpott, food editor for Grist, called him out on his lack of responsibility, [...]

Big Deals: Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc at Home

Photo by
Update: The book is out! Read our review of Ad Hoc at Home.
Not exactly a deal, since (we presume) the contract was struck simultaneously with the one for Bouchon or Under Pressure, but the buzz has finally hit for Thomas Keller's latest, Ad Hoc at Home (pre-order on Amazon). The book is based [...]

Stephen Colbert on the New York Times Dining Section's 'Blatant Anti-American Bias' [video]

In this video from last night's The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert expresses concern about the "irresponsible journalism" of the New York Times, as evidenced by the "blatant anti-American bias in their food section" because of their recent bahn mi cover story.

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