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Chicken Tetrazzini Seduces! [video]

Here's a video clip from The Soup running a clip from The Maury Povich Show: A woman suspected her best friend of seducing her man, and of course, there was food involved.
Quote: "I don't know what she do with that Chicken Tetrazzini." Brilliant.

Neon Sign Graveyard in Las Vegas

Arzan Sam Wadia posted a whole bunch of pictures on Flickr of the Neon Museum's Boneyard, a collection of non-restored historic signs stored outdoors in Las Vegas. [via]

Never Mind

Can't say we didn't have a feeling ("unreliable, scandalmongering") this Kate Moss cookbook thing wasn't going to turn out to be true. [via]

The New York Times Fears Underground Soda Sales

Bootleggers, circa 1920. Photo from Michigan History Magazine.
The New York Times warns about the potential for illicit, underground bootleg sales of soda in a story about New York City's health commissioner Dr. Thomas R. Frieden advocating for a soda tax.
Frieden is running off his experience with taxing cigarettes, and even the Times recognizes that it [...]

Mario Batali on The Chopping Block [video]

We watched the latest episode of The Chopping Block online — teams had to serve an Italian-themed lunch for some discerning diners including Mario Batali and actors from The Sopranos. Of course, it was a train-wreck as usual. The guest critic was Colman Andrews, co-founder of Saveur and the current restaurant columnist for Gourmet, [...]

Mark Ryden's 'The Meat Show' [food art]

Mark Ryden, 'The Angel of Meat,' Oil on Panel, 1998
Everything old is new again, and the same couldn’t be more true for artist Mark Ryden. Probably more nationally recognized for his work of album covers (cough, cough Michael Jackson’s "Dangerous" album cover art) than his studio work, his twelve-year old exhibit "The Meat Show" recently [...]

Wife Swap: Junk Food-Lovin Southerners vs Health Nut Family [video]

Here are three clips from a recent episode of Wife Swap, in which a Southern family (the Hollands) that "lives for Demolition Derby" and has a love of unhealthy food, swaps moms with a family (the Browns) that runs their own fitness boot camp business and lives on an extreme diet of raw fruits, vegetables, [...]

Beef: And Other Bovine Matters by John Torode [cookbook review]

Australian-born, UK-based chef John Torode has given the world a surprising thing with Beef: And Other Bovine Matters (buy from Amazon): a truly well-done book of beef recipes. With his cowboy swagger and straight-shooting chattiness, Torode's an obvious candidate for meat writing, but the surprise is that, oh, 10,000 or so years into our love [...]

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