Questionably Appropriate Ad for Super Meat Boy

Developers of the indie WiiWare game Super Meat Boy ran a pretty controversial ad in which vegetarians were compared to Hitler — the image was spread to a few gaming blogs (here, here, and here) and was then promptly edited out on the game developer's blog. Whether it's a case of shrewd marketing, reckless kids, or a combination thereof, it's certainly going to get the game mentioned in far off places (duh).

The original Meat Boy was a pretty successful Flash game full of 8 bit-inspired squishy goodness, and now they're making the jump to Nintendo's WiiWare. How Nintendo will react to the ad (if they do at all) remains to be seen. Regardless, we sort of like the Meat Boy character, and it seems like other people do too — there's even a Meat Boy plush toy that's currently sold out on Etsy.

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