Sail the Seas with Marco Pierre White

Now that his schedule's been freed up of that pesky television show, Marco Pierre White is finally free to take a vacation. So the enfant terrible culinaire is now joining the ranks of quasi-celebrities like *NSYNC and Kenny Chesney: he's getting his own cruise. White will be traveling on P&O Cruiselines (where he's already a culinary consultant) throughout the year, offering private cooking lessons to interested passengers — including some no-doubt soon-to-be-traumatized children.

In a quote that we are almost 100% positive that White himself has never actually uttered, dictated, or written down, he said “For me it is all about passing on the knowledge I have and about using good ingredients to create simple and flavoursome dishes. Passengers will have the chance to get involved with the thought process behind the construction of the dishes I produce as well as getting to taste the finished article. These private cooking sessions are a first for me and I can’t wait to get on board to start cooking.”


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