Season Finale of The Chopping Block [video]

Here's the season finale of Marco Pierre White's ill-fated show The Chopping Block — can you guess who won? Does anyone even care? Just as difficult to watch as any of the other episodes, something felt particularly off with the finale, as if they hadn't finished editing it — the tone and the pace were just too different. After slogging through so many of these episodes, this last gasp just doesn't give that sense of conclusion we were looking for.

The two remaining teams, ornery Lisa and her husband Anapol (naming their restaurant Bite Me), and California girls Kelsey and Vanessa (naming their restaurant Restaurant C), had to work one final dinner service.

In addition to the guest judge Piers Morgan, who has no official relationship to food (he's the judge on the shows Britain's Got Talent and America's Got Talent, and the winner of The Celebrity Apprentice), they brought back some of the critics from previous episodes, including Jeffrey Steingarten, Andrew Knowlton, Corby Kummer, Coleman Andrews, and Katy McLaughlin (misspelled in the titles as "Katie").

The one funny moment: White and Morgan show up early for their reservation at the packed Bite Me, and, fuming that there weren't any tables available, they find some chairs in the back and set themselves up a table.

But the judges weren't necessary — it was clear from the dinner service who won, so much so that Marco Pierre White skipped the judging ceremony and, at the end of service, hands the win to Kelsey and Vanessa. Oh, but instead of following the premise of the show and actually giving the restaurant to the winners, MPW offhandedly comments that their restaurant will reopen in Los Angeles.

Vanessa Henderson, one of the winners, has been posting to a blog with running commentary and interesting background on the show — you'd think there'd be some sort of non-disclosure agreement where she wouldn't be allowed to do it, but hey, there it is.

Video: Season Finale of The Chopping Block

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