The Chopping Block with Danyelle Freeman as Guest Critic [video]

We interrupt our tropical island hiatus to bring you a moment of OMFGWTF.

Here's the episode seven of Marco Pierre White's ill-fated show The Chopping Block, with (ZOMG) Danyelle Freeman (aka Restaurant Girl) as the guest critic, wearing at first a ridiculously situation-inappropriate strapless cocktail dress, and then a ridiculously situation-inappropriate spaghetti-strap cocktail dress. (Confidential to DF: next time, bra plzkthx.) Says Marco: "The food critic tonight is Danyelle Freeman, and she is my guest. She is the food critic of the New York Daily News, not known by the contestants, so they won't recognize her. She is joining me for dinner, I will see everything, including what she thinks, expressions on her face. She can't hide. She has to be honest."

The two final teams, ornery Lisa and her husband Anapol, and pretty girls Kelsey and Vanessa had to cook a six-course meal inspired by paintings at Café Sabarsky, the Neue Galerie's museum cafe. Train wreck as usual!

Choice quotes:

MPW: "I was given a cold slab of beef, underseasoned, sad potatoes, a sauce that looked like swamp stock."

DF: "I'm just having a hard time understanding what the theme here is."
MPW: "You're looking very confused."

Marco Pierre White jerks the contestants around, telling them that this challenge was the final one, but once the final judging goes down, White just twists the knife and announces that there'll be one more challenge, meaning yet another episode. We can't wait.

Video: Chopping Block Episode Seven

Bonus Video: Danyelle Freeman Speaks

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