The Pork Issue of Meatpaper: ADHD Edition

The latest issue of Meatpaper hit the shelves recently, and we're smitten. If you don’t yet know the magazine, you should: it’s a print job run out of San Francisco that's "more about metaphors than recipes," with a mission to focus on the socio-cultural importance of food and eating habits. This quarter's edition, #7, is pig-themed: poems, photo essays, interviews, and short non-fiction all fete our porcine friends.

Just in case the newsstand is too far away, a short run down of some of the more noteworthy articles:

• An interview with Naomi Pomeroy, chef of the Portland, Oregon bistro Beast, dealing with a photo taken of herself cradling a dead suckling pig to her chest. The photo stirred up some negative reactions in her community, but also moved some folks to tears with the striking and emotional image.

• Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft attends a Kentucky pig-picking, and also a Whole Hog dinner at Oakland, California's famed restaurant Oliveto. The division between “pig” and “pork” blurs as he eats from the whole animal, tearing charred skin from a whole roasted hog and eating pork heart served with pig’s blood pasta.

• Is there anything bacon can’t do? Paul LaFarge details the use of bacon fat to lure, trap, and kill maggots that grow into infected human hair follicles. Fair warning: it’s an after-lunch read, not for the squeamish.

• Allan Benton sells 12,000 country hams a year. Some of those hams end up on tables in his hometown of Madisonville, TN, others end up at chic cafes in New York and California — Johnny Cash was a fan. Timothy C. Davis interviews Benton and tours his self-proclaimed “little hillbilly operation,” revealing an old-fashioned Southern gentleman with a dedication to quality meat.

–Stephanie Butler

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