Toby Young in a Face-Smashing Bicycle Accident

He writes on his blog:

I got knocked off my bike on Tuesday night. Ambulance, hospital, general anaesthetic … the whole nine yards. No nerve damage and brain seems to be functioning okay, but hopes of becoming a male supermodel have now been dashed....

There’s a simple moral to this story: If you’re going to cycle in Central London, wear a helmet. If I’d been wearing one I probably could have got back on my bike and cycled home. It wasn’t my fault -- I mean, it really, really wasn’t my fault -- but I still feel like an arse. I called the number given to me by the guy who knocked me off and, needless to say, it’s false.

He posted a picture of himself post-accident on Facebook, garnerning dozens of comments, including this one: "greeted enthusiastically by another adoring fan toby?"


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