Wife Swap: Junk Food-Lovin Southerners vs Health Nut Family [video]

Here are three clips from a recent episode of Wife Swap, in which a Southern family (the Hollands) that "lives for Demolition Derby" and has a love of unhealthy food, swaps moms with a family (the Browns) that runs their own fitness boot camp business and lives on an extreme diet of raw fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and supplements, aiming to live to 120.

We're focusing on the charismatic Holland family, who love their kids, are proud of being "fat and happy," and pretty much live on a diet of fried food and fast food. Says Cliff Holland, the father: "We're definitely not calorie counters cause we can't count that high. If we could find a way to fry a salad, we may try it." Most amazing is the brilliant seven-year old Curtis — they call him "King Curtis" because he's the one in charge, demanding and getting chicken nuggets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He is a genius.

When the visiting mom Joy Brown, the health nut, takes over, she throws all the junk food into huge plastic bins, and Curtis completely loses it when she throws out the bacon, yelling, "No I want my bacon. I got to tell you something. Bacon is good for me. This is very mean. She thinks out of the blue she's this smart little girl that she can do whatever she wants. NO. That's not how she can do it in our family. It's not like she's the queen, and we're the sorry people." And then he literally runs away, vowing to not come back until she's gone.

The third clip has Joy Brown bring the bins outside and asks the family to destroy the collected junk food with baseball bats in the backyard. Cliff, refusing to participate, says, "She went into a zone of anger and rage, against food. The poor, helpless, defenseless food."

Video: Wife Swap: Chicken Nuggets

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Video: Wife Swap: Curtis Loses It Over Bacon

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Video: Wife Swap: Destroying Junk Food

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ABC posts the letters that the mom write to each other, explaining how the households work. Ginger Holland's letter gives us more insight to how things work:

We all got stashes of our favorite junk foods all over the house, and it's like a big game for us to try and keep the others from eating our sweets. I thought I had my peanut butter cups hidden in the pantry pretty well, but I went to get one the other day and found Cliff and the kids had eaten every last one, so now I keep them on the top shelf in the fridge behind the cheese...

Curtis will eat just about anything sweet, but his favorite snack food is little Vienna sausages - they're like little canned hot dogs. Curtis hides his stash behind the donuts because he knows we'll eat the donuts and be distracted from his hot dogs. Curtis'll come out of bed at night to get a little midnight snack of canned sausages or some other snack, and that's just fine with us. If the boy is hungry, let him eat!

—Raphael Brion

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