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New York Times Summer Cookbook Roundup

Summer is upon us, which can mean several things, depending on where you live: it can mean that your house is too ridiculously hot to even contemplate cooking anything; it can mean that local produce is finally starting pop up all over the place; it most likely means that a good deal of charcoal will [...]

Auto-Tune the News #4: Katie Couric on Lead in the Soil [video]

Here's number four in the series with Katie Couric reporting on the dangers of lead in soil in gardens.
Couric is quite the muse for the people behind Auto-Tune the News — something about her voice just lends itself so well to auto-tuning. Two minutes in.

Real Housewives NYC: The Tableclothes: The Bib / Tablecloth [video]

Bravo is just going to milk the Real Housewives of New York City for all its worth — after not one but two reunion episodes, they dropped a friggin third that included "lost footage."
The latest episode was more or less uneventful, except for this little nugget: Countess LuAnn de Lesseps' nieces are budding "product designers" [...]

Linksplodge 05/29/09

Francis Lam discovers that Paul Liebrandt (of Corton in New York City) is fan of the ShamWow, and writes possibly the only appearance, in the history of Gourmet, of the phrase "fistfight with a prostitute." (Gourmet's web archives go only so far back.)
John Schnatter, the founder, chairman, and former CEO of Papa John's, is doing [...]

Food Sneakers: Bacon, Hot Dog, Pizza etc

Forget meat shorts, how about some meat sneakers? The result of heavy marketing, design it yourself options, (and Mishka Barton), Keds appear to be cool enough to wear again. All the shoes customers have designed and ordered are featured (by category) on

Within the 23 pages of the food section is a significant number of [...]

Offal of the Week: Heart

Photo by Ryan Adams
Welcome back to another exciting installment of Offal of the Week! Brought to you by the always charming Ryan Adams, author of the blog Nose to Tail at Home, each week highlights a different part of the animal that you've always wanted to cook, but were afraid to ask your butcher [...]

Men's Health Chef/Pigsplosion

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The June 2009 issue of Men's Health has a whole series of articles under the banner "Eat Like a Man" — notable pieces include a "13 Places to Eat Before You Die" piece by Anthony Bourdain (St. John, el Bulli, French Laundry, Per Se, Le Bernardin, Katz's, etc) which isn't online, and a scare [...]

Cookie Monster, Broken

This image of Cookie Monster was posted on Comedy Central's Indecision blog in response to that whole sugar-free cookies as interrogation tool story.
They write: "I've just managed to obtain photographic evidence of this new technique being used on one of those so-called terrorist monsters."
Nice OS X backdrop.

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