Andy Milonakis in a Zombie Auto-Tune Dance-Hall Music Video

Here's the music video for "Zumbie" by Major Lazer featuring Andy Milonakis doing vocals for a pretty exceptional Auto-tune dance-hall track about zombies.

Sample lyric: "Mi a Zumbie from Ken-tucky / If ya muthaf#@kaz wan get stucky... I'm a black rasta and I eat your spleen"

Andy Milonakis's sense of humor tends towards the adolescent, even the pre-pubescent, and it's clear the video is all him, but the track is by Major Lazer, a dance-hall project from producers Switch and Diplo, from the upcoming album Guns Don't Kill People...Lazers Do. Diplo described it as a "digital reggae and dancehall from Mars in the future, pop culture run through a Jamaican filter."

"Eat brains that's how me survive / Eat brains that's how me survive / Eat brains that's how me survive"

Video: Andy Milonikas Zombie Music Video

Video: Andy Milonakis in the Recording Studio

[via Vulture]

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