Bourdain on Celebrity Chefs and Food Television [video]

Here's another video from the "Food for Thought" panel discussion with Anthony Bourdain, Alice Waters, and Duff Goldman. Bourdain on celebrity chefs and television shows:

I say this as someone who's milking this celebrity chef shit for everything I can get, very happily: It's the new pornography. It's people seeing things on TV, watching people make things on TV, that they're not going to be doing themselves any time soon...

However silly food television may be, to the extent to which you can get somebody to try something... eat a cheek or a hoof or a jowl... That's a win for the good guys. Even at its very worst, no matter how ridiculous this phenomenon might be, on balance, I think it's good for the world.

Video: Bourdain on Celebrity Chefs

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