Chicago's Fake, Hilarious Food Twitterers

Chicago — known as the "Windy City" for more than just the breeze off Lake Michigan — is suffering a rash of food industry Twitter impersonators these days. In the last week alone, we've seen fake accounts pop up purporting to be Sun-Times restaurant critic Pat Bruno (@therealpatbruno), Tribune critic Phil Vettel (@realphilvettel), ABC food broadcaster Steve Dolinsky (@therealdolinsky) and restaurateur/man-about-town Billy Dec (@therealbillydec). The identity of the puppeteer behind these oft hilarious, industry-skewering parodies is still unknown (with the exception of Phil Vettel, who was revealed to be his Tribune co-worker Kevin Pang, twittering with Vettel's blessing), but the bloggerati are abuzz with speculation.

Considering that New York City's Danyelle Freeman/@restaurantgirl slapped down a C&D against her impersonator @realRG (an account manned by Eat Me Daily contributor Adam Robb), we'd warn whoever's pulling the strings to be careful. Still, we wonder if this counts as straight-up performance art: not only do the Chicago impersonators deftly capture the quirks and idiosyncracies of their targets, but they take it one step further and interact with each other.

What have we learned from this? The internet is so much funnier when it's fake.

[via MenuPages Chicago]

Paula Forbes

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