Cupcake Cram: Competitive Cupcake Eating

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On Saturday, Boulder, Colorado's Tee & Cakes pastry shop hosted the first-ever Cupcake Cram, a cupcake-eating contest. ("Colorado's News Leader," no less) reported: "World Champion Dale Boone scarfed down 34 cupcakes, as did a local man named Jimmi Mares. The tie triggered a three-cupcake playoff: whichever man could eat the three cupcakes faster would be crowned the winner... Boone wolfed down the three playoff cupcakes in 12 seconds to earn the victory."

It's the worst of all trends: Cupcakes? Check. Competitive eating? Check. What, no bacon?

9news also has a slideshow. There's also a so-so video:

Video: Cupcake Cram 2009

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