Dom Deluise, Prudhomme Doppelganger, Passes Away [video]

Comedian and actor Dom DeLuise passed away on Monday. (DeLuise had an uncanny resemblance to Paul Prudhomme.) DeLuise will forever be remembered for his roles in Mel Brooks films, the Cannonball sagas, his appearances on Hollywood Squares and The Muppet Show, and his role in the 1980 film Fatso, where he played an overweight man trying to to stop eating.

In addition, DeLuise had a career as a chef personality and cookbook author — his Eat This cookbooks [buy at Amazon] and video series, of which none, sadly, are on YouTube.

We scrounged the internet for relevant videos of Dom DeLuise, here's what we found:

  • DeLuise as the voice of "Pizza the Hutt" in Spaceballs
  • The trailer for Fatso
  • And a completely bizarre video excerpt from the Cooking with Dom DeLuise interactive CD-ROM, where DeLuise does one impression after another, a few (if not all) verging on potentially racist. Some segments are censored, but there's a great part where he cracks up the camera crew.

Video: Dom DeLuise as the Voice of 'Pizza the Hutt' in Spaceballs

Video: Trailer for Fatso

Video: Cooking with Dom DeLuise - CD-ROM Extra

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