'Food Game' by Tattfoo Tan [food art]

Photograph from tattfoo.com

"Food Game" is a project by Tattfoo Tan, a self-described "Social Sculpture artist" or "community-based intervention artist," where he made edible checkers and chess sets for the Brooklyn Museum last month and the Queens Museum of Art just this past weekend. In his own words:

I’m exploring the ideas of food and play. Playing with your food should be encouraged. Here, I replaced the plastic checkers pieces with cream filled ginger cookies and chocolate cookies, and used custom-made cookie cutters to produce an edible chess set. When a player takes the opponent’s piece, or cookie in this case, it can be eaten. There is an accompanying glass of milk on the side. The checkerboard pattern is silkscreened on the table cloth.

See more photos on his projects page (click on "Food Game").

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