'Food Girl' Series by Wendy Ding [food art]

"Ice Cream Girl," Wendy Ding. Available for sale on her Etsy store. All artwork by permission.

Wendy Ding is a Canada-based artist and illustrator whose recent "Food Girl series" combines naked women with some obvious junk food favorites. Although the series only encompasses just a few works of art, the vampy (yet delightfully innocent) girls wrapped around the likes of ice cream cones, lying in hot dog buns, sitting in sushi, and fanning potato chips are so racy and funny that four illustrations more than enough.

"Hot Dog Girl," Wendy Ding. All artwork by permission.

In a recent interview with Toro Magazine, Wendy explained how she developed the series of illustrations:

I’ve always loved drawing sexy and elegant girls, and the idea developed from a sketch. I wanted to juxtapose pin-ups with unexpected scenarios and objects to make them more whimsical and interesting. The hot dog girl came first as I drew a Bettie Page-inspired pin-up who is reclining, and then it hit me: she would look great lying in a hot dog bun! And it snowballed from there. I experimented with different food items that would wrap, surround and present the girls in different settings to see how many ways they can interact together, and it eventually became a series.

"Chips Girl," Wendy Ding. Available for sale on her Etsy store. All artwork by permission.

When asked if she was interested in the ideas of women's emotional or erotic relationship to food, she stated:

Sure, I’m fascinated by foods that are considered “sexier,” like chocolate, candy, ice cream, etc., as they are the “babes” of the food industry, much like how pin-ups are the idealized beauties of the female form. I think that’s the connection between the two and they go hand in hand.

"Sushi Girl," Wendy Ding. All artwork by permission.

Other recent works from Wendy include illustrations for the Canadian children’s cookbook Eat It Up! (buy at Amazon). The drawings serve as a visual guide on how make cleverly-named recipes such as "freaky fries" and "sail the seven peas.”

Ding also applies her illustrations to animated graphics in her animated bubble tea flipbook. As for the future of her pin-up girls with or without food, Wendy says she'd like to try "combining daily objects such as electronic appliances, utensils and furniture. I’d love to do an ad piece in the future and it would be great to have my pin-up endorse a product."

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