Food Sneakers: Bacon, Hot Dog, Pizza etc

Forget meat shorts, how about some meat sneakers? The result of heavy marketing, design it yourself options, (and Mishka Barton), Keds appear to be cool enough to wear again. All the shoes customers have designed and ordered are featured (by category) on

Within the 23 pages of the food section is a significant number of meat-inspired creations, including a variety of different bacon shoes and the artful pepperoni pizza shoe called the “Italian lover.”

What’s that you say? You know a young pork enthusiast eager to show his/her frankfurter devotion through street wear? Well, it’s your lucky day, cause someone came up with those, too.

Candy corn and strawberries

breakfast and popsicles

Gummy bears and kiwi

Pink cupcakes and bacon

Michelle Mettler

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