Food Words from the National Spelling Bee: Geusioleptic, Simnel, Palatschinken

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We love the Scripps National Spelling Bee because they always use obscure and hard-to-spell food words, and the finals, which were nationally televised, didn't disappoint. Thirteen-year old Kavya Shivashankar, who won the whole thing, is herself a budding gastronome — in her bio segment she said, "I think the word that best describes me would be lickerish — lickerish means 'fond of good food.'" (See the video after the jump.)

Early rounds had mousseline, trattoria, Tetrazzini, Grenache, galette, sommelier, witloof, and three types of pasta (tagliatelle, fedelini, and perciatelli). There was even an attempt to inject some humor into the normally dull and tense proceedings — organizers turned the sentences read by Jacques Bailly, the official pronouncer, into jokes.

Here are some of the food words from the later rounds:

Geusioleptic: "having or characterized by pleasant flavor"

In a sentence: "While Lena's geusioleptic cooking wowed her boyfriend, what really melted his heart was that she won the National Spelling Bee."

Simnel: "a rich fruitcake sometimes coated with almond paste and baked for mid-Lent, Easter, and Christmas."

In a sentence: "The Wilson's had long ago lost their appetite for Aunt Lily's simnel, but luckily their poodle had much lower standards."

Palatschinken: (the plural of Palatschinke) "Thin egg batter pancakes stuffed with jam." Also, the Austrian and Bavarian German name of the Central European pancake.

In a sentence: "Enough of this low-carb madness. Bring me the palatschinken."

Kennyi Aouad was eliminated in round 11 for spelling it "pallachinkin."

Blancmange: "a dessert made from gelatinous or starchy substances and milk, usually sweetened, flavored, and shaped in a mold."

Deipnosophist: "a person who is an adept conversationalist at table."

Neufchâtel: "A small, soft unripened cheese made from whole or skim milk, with or without cream, and often with condiments added"

Caerphilly: "A mild, white cheese of Welsch origin that is easily crumbled, pulverized, or reduced to powder."

Video: Lickerish Kavya Shivashankar

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