Gordon Ramsay's Swearfest [video]

The NY Post tries the salacious headline "RAMSAY DROPS F-BOMB 115 TIMES" — hell, even The Food Section reblogged the number as the count for Gordon Ramsay's potty mouth — but it's wrong.

If you reread the BBC article, it says "Gordon Ramsay's Great British Nightmare breached rules by using "the most offensive" language 115 times in the first 40 minutes..." The show, not the man. There's a significant difference between the show, and Gordon Ramsay himself — and trust us, the restaurant owners and the chefs gave Gordon Ramsay a lot of help to get to that number. Trying times!

We ran clips from the specific show in question, Ramsay's Great British Nightmare, back in February, including a segment full of swear words. The chef at one of the restaurants Ramsay was trying to help exploded in an unbelievable tirade — for two years he was forced by the owner to prepare food in bulk beforehand, reheating it to order, losing his soul:

We already look like a couple of f**king tits, so shut your f**king mouth and f**king listen. If you don't turn it around today, by two o'clock, me and him are f**king off... You can do it without me or f**king with me. I've had enough of this f**king charade. I don't need this f**king s**t...

And on and on and on. See the video for the full effect (one minute in).

Ramsay's Great British Nightmare: The Chef Loses It; F-Bombs

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