'Green Pink Caviar' by Marilyn Minter [food art]

'Pop Rocks,' Marilyn Minter, 2009, enamel on metal, 108 x 180 inches (274.3 x 457.2 cm). Photograph via salon94.com

Currently on display at Salon 94 in New York City is "Green Pink Caviar," the latest series of paintings and photographs by artist Marilyn Minter. The exhibition features seven oversized works on the subject of the decadence of consumption — whether you view them as glamorizing or condemning is sure to be influenced by whether you're coming or going from dinner at Freeman's.

'Bazooka,' Marilyn Minter, 2009. enamel on metal, 76 x 114 inches (193 x 289.6 cm). Photograph via salon94.com

Minter captured subjects not so much consuming caviar and cake decoration — it's actually meringue filling and food coloring — as using their mouths to paint with the products, blurring the line between the two media as she does with her painting and photography. Concurrent with this exhibition is an five minute video, airing daily through May 31st, on the MTV HD screen over Times Square (see the trailer for it after the jump).

'Chewing Pink,' Marilyn Minter, 2008. c-print, 86 x 60 inches (218.44 x 152.4 cm) Photograph via salon94.com

Left: 'Bubbleface,' Marilyn Minter, 2009, enamel on metal, 72 x 55 inches (182.9 x 139.7 cm). Right: 'Cobweb,' Marilyn Minter, 2009, c-print, 86 x 60 inches (218.44 x 152.4 cm). Photographs via salon94.com

Video: Trailer for 'Green Pink Caviar'

100 Food Porn

Minter has worked inbetween commercial work and high art for a long time — back in 1990, she bought commercial time on late night television (back when it was cheap) to air her video collage "100 Food Porn," a thirty second spot showcasing the artist's work and providing commentary on the hyper, slick, sexual and grotesque way in which food is marketed to TV audiences.

Video: '100 Food Porn'

'Green Pink Caviar' runs April 28 - June 13
Salon 94 Freemans
1 Freeman Alley
New York, NY 10002

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