Guy Fieri Impostor on the Loose [video]

At first we were a little perplexed when Guy Fieri twittered about an impostor running around Kansas City, but now there's video evidence of the fraudster in action, during a lengthy (and awkward) interview with a Fox Sports Net reporter, that aired Monday night during a Kansas City Royals game.

Clearly, the impostor has gone to great lengths to mimic Fieri's look, from bleaching his hair to wearing those ridiculous Ray-Ban sunglasses. And he most definitely lacks the energy of Fieri, mumbling one-word answers during the interview, but nevertheless, this is a brilliant holy-shit-I'm-on-TV-and-the-jig-is-up kind of moment.

We have to wonder: how many diners, drive-ins, and dives has this guy gotten comped meals at so far, in the name of "research"?

Update: There's a thread over at Food Network Fans that suggests the Fake Guy Fieri was in Milwuakee attending a Brewers game on April 27th (photo after the jump).

Another possible Fake Guy Fieri Sighting

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Video: Guy Fieri Impostor at Kansas City Royals Game

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