Healthy Food vs. Crazy Mothers [studies]

A recent Norwegian study, conducted by the deliciously named Eivind Ystrøm, found that the state of a mother’s mental health may be linked to the healthiness of the food she feeds her child. Now we can add one more thing to that ever-growing list of grumbles and lamentations, and we don’t even need to drag out our dusty Intro Psych textbooks to figure out the dim connections.

The study surveyed 27,763 mothers with 18 month old children, and evaluated the relative healthiness of their children’s diets based on the frequency with which they were given things out of a 32-item list of foods. The state of the mother’s mental health and her socioeconomic status were also recorded.

Ystrøm explained the findings, saying:

We found that mothers who were emotionally unstable, anxious, angry, sad, had poor self-confidence or a negative view of the world were far more likely to give their child sweet and fatty foods. At the same time, there was no link between maternal personality and how healthy a diet the child got in the form of fruit and vegetables.

So, in short, a depressed mother is more likely to make you fat or unhealthy. Not a positive outlook for sufferers of post-partum depression, or their kids for that matter. And just think of all the other issues that childhood obesity can lead to. The never-ending Web of Maternal Blame just keeps on growing — mothers are to blame for pretty much everything.

(Sorry, Mom! Love you!)

Alexandra Fallows

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