Jamie Oliver Is Coming to American TV

Jamie Oliver is teaming up with Ryan Seacrest for a new show on ABC that "gives healthy makeovers to an entire city," The Live Feed reports. Sounding a lot like Oliver's recent UK-based Ministry of Food project, we can't help but be excited at finally getting Jamie Oliver on this side of Atlantic. (Jamie's current show Jamie at Home is lamely dumped on the Food Network on Fridays at 9:30am). We for one welcome our sassy British food reality television overlords — we'll take anything to break the endless cycle of Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen, and their related mutant offspring.

And hot damn but those Brits are fast — with Tim Hayward already filing a cranky post for The Guardian's Word of Mouth blog, writing, "Dear America, please take our celebrity chefs":

I can't count the ways it hurts me to think that food is part of a "health and fitness reality genre", that Jamie has been through a "mission" and that some shiny suited maven with a headset and attitude thinks that he's "really equipped to make a change" and ultimately out-rate 'The Biggest Loser' Of course, it also explains everything.

A lot of media Cassandras have predicted an end to celebrity chefs. Some thought they'd outlive the attention spans of reality TV viewers, some thought they'd succumb when their personal lives hit the tabloids … one way or another, the big wave was going to break. But for me, the coup de grace for UK chefs will be 'making it big in the States'.

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