Jell-O Mold Competition [hipsters]

Seriously, make it stop: The Jell-O Mold Competition: Saturday, June 20, 2009 at the Gowanus Studio Space in Brooklyn. Register by June 12, 2009 to compete! There's also a workshop on June 6th on how to make a vacuum forming machine, so this is some serious business. Says the competition's website:

In these somber times of restraint, of reigning in and reallocating, we need a resurgence of steady wobble that won’t let us down. In short, it’s time for a comeback of the Jell-O proportions of old: soaring heights, strange colors, object suspension! Jell-O is the perfect medium for design reinvention given its versatility, economy, and availability.

On second thought, this could be fun. There had better be some suspended hot dogs.

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