Kickstarter as Fundraising Source for Journalism

We would have written about a cookbook project on the new crowdsourced-funding website Kickstarter whether or not it belonged to Eat Me Daily's associate editor Paula Forbes. But seeing as she does have a project that needs funding — she's going to spend a month this summer researching and writing The Up North Cookbook, a book that focuses on contemporary Midwestern cuisine — we figured we might as well mention it.

Kickstarter launched last week. The site functions as a fundraising platform that allows creative people — journalists, artists, musicians, game developers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, etc. — to raise money for their projects from anyone interested in them. The great part is that donations can be made in amounts as small as $5: with enough people kicking in a little, a little goes a long, long way.

There are a bunch of great projects already, from crossword puzzles to an offline Wikipedia iPhone app to the world's first crowd-funded and created book. Although the concept is not entirely new, Kickstarter has a a lot of potential to fund serious journalism, whether it be sponsoring blogs, research trips, or entire books. And, for that matter, Paula's book has a lot of potential to be seriously awesome, and deserves hearty funding from everyone.

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