Opera Singer Serenades Cows in Accordance With Century-Old Gelato Recipe [video]

Photograph from antoniofederici.com

Ice cream maker Frank Frederick believes he knows the secret to extra-creamy gelato. His bevy of Friesian beauties have recently been serenaded by the dulcet tones of Marcello Bedoni, one of Europe's most renowned tenors. Frederick had Bedoni flown to the Cockshotts Farm in Lancashire, England for a special performance of "soothing arias and Napolitan songs," reports The Telegraph. He believes the music is an integral part of the 100 year-old recipe passed down from his Italian grandfather, resulting in a higher production of endorphin-rich milk. Bedoni declared, "the cows are such gentle beasts and have a good ear for opera," which he could tell by...their gently swishing tails and contented mooing? I suppose we will have take to Bedoni's word for it. Bring on the gelato!

[Ed. note: This story is one of those "oddly enough" PR stunts that gets picked up on the wires (it even hit the BBC!), but it's made so much better because a whole bunch of videos of Marcello Bedoni serenading the cows in the field are out there, and yes, he does have a lovely singing voice.]

Video: Marcello Bedoni Serenading Cows 1

Video: Marcello Bedoni Serenading Cows 2

Video: Marcello Bedoni Serenading Cows on the BBC

—Anna Johnson

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